Top Left: Leah Parker, Photo Credit: RCA Photography
Top Right: Emi Reindle, Photo Credit: Rick Martinez
Bottom Left: Sydney Copeland, Photo Credit: Cloverstorm Photography
Bottom Right: Angel Bagley, Photo Credit: Rick Martinez

Top Left: Amanda Giroux, Photo Credit: Austin Ryde
Top Right: Kayelin Tiggs, Photo Credit: RCA Photography; Edited by: Cloverstorm Photography
Bottom Left: Caity Jackson, Photo Credit: RCA Photography
Bottom Right: Taylor Diazmercado, Photo Credit: RCA Photography

Miss South Central OH Teen USA: Leah Parker
Miss North Central OH Teen USA: Emi Reindle, Top 15 Miss OH Teen USA
Miss Capital City OH Teen USA: Sydney Copeland, Top 15 & Miss Photogenic
 Miss OH Teen USA  
Miss Pickaway County OH Teen USA: Angel Bagley, Top 15 Miss OH Teen USA

Miss South Central OH USA: Amanda Giroux, Top 15 Miss OH USA
Miss North Central OH USA: Kayelin Tiggs, Top 15 Miss OH USA
Miss Capital City OH USA: Caity Jackson, Top 15 Miss OH USA
Miss Teays Valley OH USA: Taylor Diazmercado, 2nd Runner Up, Miss OH USA